…. a company that gives clients an experience that is unforgettable. A transformative time transpires as the air gun gently sweeps across your skin, revealing the natural bronze colour that your body brings to light. You are the sculpture. You are the radiant being that shines inside and out. You are more than a sun seeker. You are a graceful as the arch of a rainbow who knows how to have fun, knows quality, and get brown. Whether you looking for a light tone for a night out dressed in white, or getting ready for a red carpet appearance and need to be sun kisses brown, GO BROWN has the right colour for you

….a company that caters to people of all skin tones, shapes and sizes. From the woman who incorporates the spray tan into her grooming rituals, to the man who wants to have that sun kissed glow for that first date. We specialise in preparing models for photo shoots, and runway shows. With so much production going on in Cape Town GO BROWN is the last stop before heading to the set. From actors to world renowned models, GO BROWN appeals to a variety of high profile people who trust that they will look their absolute best after receiving their beauty treatment. But it is not only stars, celebrities, and socialites that get the luxe treatment at GO BROWN. Additionally, we are mobile. The custom spray tans can be done in the privacy of your home or hotel room. For those who don not want to make the trek to a GO BROWN Salon / Studio, the tan can come to you, where you are, when you want it.

Besides the obvious perks of getting a spray tan, such as a full body, even and flawless glow, there are so many other reasons to brag about. You're taking care of your skin, well done. Forget baking in the sun for hours trying to get that sun kissed bronzed glow that looks like your favourite model on the cover of a magazine. That's not real, getting a spray tan is real. You actually can get an airbrushed look that makes you look amazing in all your selfies. Your friends will be envious asking you, how did you get that tan? Well, your spray tan does not have to be a secret any more. Let it shine and wear it proud like the newest, hottest accessory to any outfit out right now.

You will have in instant glow as dark or light as you like within 15 minutes of your session, ready for the paparazzi or hot date, a wedding day, it does not matter, you can do anything with a gorgeous Go Brown spray tan. Because let us face it, who uses tanning beds anymore?

Ew. Skin Cancer? No, thank you!

Sun spots and skin damage from the sun? Nope, not for me.

Getting a spray tan is the fastest, easiest and healthiest way to be golden brown all year round.

…. a company that cares about:

- Clients Health,

- Customer Trust,

- Excellence,

- Success and a

- Commitment to professionalism

These are five core elements Tuane Kirschner, wife, mother and Go Browns inspirational founder, used as a foundation to help her create one of Cape Towns preferred suppliers of sunless tanning products to salons and mobile Technicians.

The success of Go Brown has grown out of the genius and determination of Founder and CEO, Tuane Kirschner, an inspirational, down-to-earth, people loving entrepreneur.

After a successful career in modeling Tuane began Go Brown Tanning. Not having any reliable training methods available to me, I searched high and low for information that would give me the competitive edge, knowledge and experience to perform that flawless spray tan and run a successful business. It was through this experience that Go Brown was born. With the success of Go Brown and her spray tan methods, she has been able to provide this information by teaching it to other therapists who also want to find success in there spray tanning endeavour, to execute the perfect tan.

Through the years, Go Brown has undergone numerous changes to continually adapt to an ever changing market. The Go Brown brand has become synonymous with spray tanning in Cape Town. Over the past 6 years Go Brown has grown from  having 1 Spray Tech to having over 27 Spray Tan technicians all spraying under a single banner, Go Brown.

Our  Commitment To You

We will never use mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, PABA, alcohol, petrochemicals, artificial colors, sodium lauryl sulfate, or formaldehyde in any of our products. We will continue making our products  with certified organic ingredients, they are biodegradable and cruelty-free.

Everything we do is designed to help women feel beautiful and live a fulfilled life in an ethical and environmentally sound way. We enhance the beauty women already have, helping them embrace who and where they are. No miracle promises or gimmicks, just a fabulous, flawless glow to help face the day. Our greatest joy is seeing a woman rejoicing in her guilt free Go Brown glow. The power of boosted self esteem is contagious. Our tanning solutions and products will give you a natural, never orange sun kissed look. Spray tanning is our passion and we stand behind our quality products, technique and equipment. Look and feel this good everyday.

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